Our Vision & Core Values

Our Belief Statement at Prairie Animal Health Centre

"To create greater health for a greater life."

What do we want for all pets;

  • To live their happiest life.
  • To be free of pain.
  • Have a good nutrition; we recognize there is no one solution that fits everyone.
  • To like coming to the vet!! That’s right we said it and although we know a few cats that may never happen for,  we really do want it to be a fun positive experience for you and your pet.
  • To have access  to veterinary care.
  • Have a full and fun life.

In order for your pet to accomplish this we will;

  • Dedicate ourselves to continual learning.
  • Educate you the pet owner on the latest health care concerns and innovations.
  • Do our best to prevent disease when possible.
  • Fill your pet with treats and love when they come in.
  • Find solutions to the barriers that prevent pets from accessing veterinary care.

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