Weight Loss/Slimfit

Obesity is a very common condition in our companion animals and can affect their quality of life in many ways. To maintain optimum weight we need to provide exercise, choose the correct amount and type of food and eliminate high calorie treats and/or table scraps. To determine if your pet is overweight we use a body condition scoring scale from 1-5; 1 being underweight, 2.5 being ideal and 5 being overweight.

Once we determine that the pet is overweight we enroll them in SlimFit which is a computer program that tells us how many calories per day the pet needs to shed the excess weight, in addition to regular exercise. The way you feed your pet plays a very important role in their weight loss program; feeding smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day helps increase their metabolism as well as satisfy their hunger.

It is important for the owner to bring their pet in for regular weigh-ins every 3-4 weeks as each pet is unique in their weight loss. It also helps the veterinary team assess the animal’s progress so we can adjust the food intake according to their success or failure in the program. By achieving the pet’s weight loss goals it will leave the owner with a feeling of satisfaction and the pet will live a longer, happier life!


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