Annual Physical Exam

Our goal is to help your pets have as many healthy years as possible with you—but the fact is, our animal companions age much faster than we do. That also means disease and illness progress much faster as well—which is why we recommend that all healthy, young pets have a wellness exam annually. Senior pets should be seen for an exam and blood tests twice per year.

Annual wellness exams are your pet’s first line of defense, because they can’t tell us when something is wrong—in fact, they may instinctually hide any symptoms of illness and/or injury. During your pet’s physical exam some of things we check are body condition, skin, teeth, ears, eyes, heart and respiration rate. This is also a great opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about nutrition, behavior and health.

Vaccinations play a vital role in protecting your pet’s health and are usually done at the same time as the physical exam to ensure that your pet is healthy prior to immunization. Which vaccinations does your pet need? While there are “core” vaccinations given to most every pet, your Prairie Animal Health Centre veterinarian may also recommend additional vaccinations based on your pet’s species, age, and lifestyle. You can get more detailed information about vaccinations on our Cat Vaccinations and Dog Vaccinations pages.

Want to make an appointment for a wellness exam for your pet? Call us at (306) 634-7123.


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